Get Started

Opening an Account

To register with Dragonara Online Casino, you must register an account with us. The process is simple, all you need to do is follow these instructions:


Step1 – Registering online

Click on “Sign Up Now!” on the top right of the Dragonara startpage or use this link .
In the dialogue-window that opens, please fill in your details. Note that our customer service will check your details to ensure it is you we are dealing with and not someone using your identity. Therefore all submitted details must be accurate.


Step 2 – choosing a payment method

After submitting your details, you can choose one or several payment methods. You can find the payment gateways we offer here and of course always open the Pay-In/Pay-Out window with the button on the top right of the menu next to “My Account”:
You can select various payment methods. You can view and manage your selected payment providers on the “My Account” page.
Find more information about handling your account here



Step 3 – Identity verification

To secure the safety of your account and the bank-transfers we may request your identity verification upon your first withdrawal. In that case, we will need:


  • a copy of your ID-Card or passport
  • a utility bill (i.e. water and energy services, internet-access or telephone bill)

to verify your identity and address. This verification process is essential to ensure that you are of legal age to play and most importantly it is protecting you from anyone else using your identity to play in your name.
The scanned copies of ID card and utility bill must be sent to our customer services department, using this eMail with the subject (Email-header): Registry-YOUR NAME-YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. Sending your eMail in this format will speed up the verification process considerably so please stick to the process and format described above. EMails to customer support may not exceed 8MB in order to be delivered to Dragonara mailbox.  Dragonara Casino cannot be held responsible for blocked EMails exceeding this limit.


Note: For users of credit cards: Since you are submitting your credit card copy to us via eMail, you should take preventive steps to secure your mail before it reaches us. We therefore recommend blocking out at least the middle six numbers on both the front and back of your credit card as well as the CVV three-digit-number on the back of your credit card. Without this information, accidentally read or lost eMails will not harm you - at Dragonara Security we will still be able to verify that you are the card holder.